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Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

Choosing a perfect wedding venue is the most vital decision when it comes to planning your wedding. Your venue is interconnected with almost every aspect of your wedding, most importantly; it will be in every photo of your big day. Spend time in hunting your dream wedding venue to enjoy your special day without any stress. Online market places are a miracle, explore through different options, and prefer those which will not limit your creativity freedom. Try to read online reviews and talk to the staff over there for your satisfaction.

The initial step to choose your dream wedding venue is to pick a wedding date that suits you and look for the available options for that day. Calculate the exact number of guests you would be expecting to determine the size of the venue you need. Don’t book a hall bigger or smaller as per your expected guests, otherwise the guests will feel awkward. Wedding venues take a big bite of your wedding budget; decide on your budget for your venue. The most important thing to consider when finding your dream venue is the theme or style of wedding you want to have. Either you want an outdoor or indoor wedding, fairy style castle, beach wedding, rustic barn, or historic site. Consider the logistics of the venue, for example accommodation, weather, transportation, travelling-time etc. You might have to pre-book months prior to your wedding to get your dream venue. Ideal time to book your venue is around 9 months to 1 year prior the wedding.

A good wedding venue has the following features

Features of a Good Wedding Venue

1. Spacious to fit the guests,

Wedding is a social ceremony and guests feel comfortable in spacious venues. Whether outdoor or indoor, your wedding venue must have enough room for movement. Our world today is all about technology.

2. Technologically Advanced,

A good wedding venue has all the technology essentials as speakers, LED, microphone, and WiFi. Internet service is a key feature for your guest’s entertainment. Your guests might want to go live and post pictures on social media or you may want to play or dedicate a video to your partner.

3. Versatile and Flexible,

Guest prefers to attend a wedding and reception at the same venue due to convenience. A good wedding venue is versatile and flexible to adjust any theme or style required.

4. Beautiful view,

A beautiful venue creates a good first impression on the guests. Your wedding venue will be part of all your wedding pictures, thus a beautiful venue is a key feature of a good venue.

5. On-Site Accommodation,

A good venue offers wide parking and accommodation to facilitate the guests. Some of the out-of-town guests will need accommodation after the ceremony. Make sure their services are good enough to keep your guests happy and comfortable.

6. Always have a Backup Plan ,

This especially implies on the outdoor venues. A good wedding venue has a plan for everything whether it is alcohol policy, cancellation policy, leftover food policy, power outage, or rain plan. They must have a backup banquet hall to accommodate the guests for the rest of the ceremony.

7. Provide an event coordinator,

A good wedding venue will always have an event coordinator on site. They help you choose the package that suits your budget. Then they take much of your stress by harmonizing and organizing the big day. They will provide assistance and guidance about even the smallest details.