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Tips to Help You Choose Florist for Your Event

A florist is responsible for the decoration of your venue overall. They instil a class and elegance to your event with the décor. An expert florist knows how to get along with your decided theme and create the ambience you need for your event. Whether it is a wedding, corporate event, birthday bash, anniversary, bridal shower or graduation party, flowers are a treat to the eyes. Finding the right florists that fit your needs might be tricky. Pick a florist that has prompt delivery and decorates the venue before the arrival of the guests. The quality, freshness and types of flowers they can provide matters the most. You can choose one flower a combination of contrasting colour flowers.

Always consider those vendors that have their own transportation and are ready to deliver at your given address. Don’t save money when it comes to décor but also don’t overspend. Stick to the florists that are budget-friendly. You can ask for pictures of their previous work in similar events and venues. Choose the florist which provides supplies (vase, pots, plants etc.) as well. You can also look upon their online portfolio and reviews. Do they have the flowers you need, and what if the ordered flowers are not available in a good form, what other alternatives they provide? Don’t get hesitant to ask the name of the person dealing directly with you. Also, make sure who is responsible for the removal of flowers or décor after the event. Read their policy and payment terms to avoid any misunderstanding.

A florist is a need of every event for a splendid décor. The following are the key traits of a good florist.

Features of a good Florist

1. Extensive Knowledge about Flowers ,

A good florist has complete knowledge of flowers and plants. They know about the seasonal blooms, their life, occasional relevancy etc. Their knowledge shows love for their work and flowers.

2. Quality of Flowers,

A good florist never compromises on the quality of their flower. They make sure the flowers are fresh and are beautiful. They will never make you settle for lesser quality and make sure the flowers are in their best health.

3. Artistic skills,

A florist must possess artistic skills. When it comes to décor, a florist should be able to create unique combinations, contrasts, and arrangements to match the theme of the event. A good florist expresses the essence and emotion of the event with their event décor.

4. Flexibility,

A florist must be flexible enough to adapt to customer needs and demands. They should have a complete backup plan and knowledge about the replacements in case of unavailability of a certain flower.

5. Excellent customer service,

A florist should have excellent communication skills. They should not only pour ideas but also have good listening skills to cater to customer needs. They try to go the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction.

6. Time and Cost Management,

A good florist will always be on time. They know exactly when they need to collect, arrange, transport the flowers so they don’t lose their freshness and the venue for the event is decorated on time. Good florists are budget-friendly and don’t take a big bite from your event budget.

7. Clean-Up Service,

A professional florist always offers post-event clean up service. Flowers in a large event can be messy and good florists have cleaning services to facilitate their customer. It is also mandatory for small events e.g. a birthday party, bridal shower or anniversary date in your backyard.