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Things to consider when hiring a Catering Service

Whatever event you are hosting your guests are looking forward to the food, snacks or alcohols to be served. Good Catering is the key to success for any event. Plan smart to stay in budget but don’t compromise the quality or amount of food you are serving. Whether you want a buffet-style meal or a quality plated dinner, design the menu yourself according to your guests. When you are hiring a catering service, the foremost thing to consider is the freshness, taste and presentation of the food. Don’t forget to taste their food before booking them. You should also check the certifications, compliance with food standards and event insurance policy.

Hire professional and customer-friendly catering service, to make your guests feel comfortable when served. Do look up for their online presence and especially reviews. You don’t want to mess up your event in a hurry by not researching your caterer well. You should shortlist reliable catering services and compare their food, cost and services before hiring. Tell them about the number of servers you need for your event. Do calculate per head cost you’ll be paying for the event to stay in the budget. Ask them when and where they will prepare the meal. If they will bring a cooked meal, their cooking site and the venue should not be far enough to ruin the food. You can also check for their preparation methods. If you are planning a party at your home, choose the catering service that provides furniture and tableware as well.

The success of an event is quite dependent on quality catering. Here we enlist some features of a good catering service to make your decision making easy.

Features of a Good Catering Service

1. Heavenly Food,

Good food is the obvious feature you should look for when hiring a caterer. A good catering service focuses on quality, presentation, freshness, aroma, menu choices, and beverages. Tasty food will make your guests happy and satisfied. You can taste the food before booking a caterer.

2. Follow your instructions,

A good caterer will listen to your requirements and will have a keen eye on the details you have provided. They must have adaptability and flexibility to assimilate your instructions. For example, if you tell them to avoid an ingredient due to food allergy, they must cater to your needs and avoid it.

3. Contingency Plan,

Whether the event is on a big scale or a small one, any mishap or unforeseen crisis can occur. The catering service must be proficient in dealing with any unexpected situation and is also capable of handling pressure. They always have a contingency plan if anything goes wrong.

4. Food safety,

A good catering service ensures food safety. No one would want to eat contaminated food. Catering services that prepare food in their kitchen and then transport it must possess this feature. The catering service must possess up to date certifications and is aware of food safety laws by their state.

5. Professional Customer Care,

A good catering service provides excellent customer service. Whether providing table service or buffet dinner, they are professional in their work. They must have adequate staff to handle the guests properly. A professional caterer has professional and trained employees, which are exceptional in customer service.

6. Creative and Organized ,

A good catering service is creative. They should be creative enough to transform your stated ideas into a reality and present you with ideas to guide you. They are organized in terms of time, financial obligations, management, and logistics.