Should you Hire a DJ or Band for your Event


When you’re in charge of event planning, whether it is a corporate event, birthday/ anniversary, wedding ceremony, or a holiday party, you should make sure the event is interesting and memorable for the guests. Music plays an important role in uplifting the spirit and energy level of the guests and it creates a serene ambiance.  However, the important part of event planning is to decide whether to find a DJ or a band. Although there is no defined set of rules, there are some points that will make your search stress-free when it comes to this decision. 

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Link the Performer to the Occasion

The first step in the decision is to find someone who matches your event. For example, a band that plays for weddings is definitely not suitable for an official party. Similarly for a small anniversary party, hiring an expensive band may not be the right option. Identify the soul of your occasion with detailed event planning and find a DJ or band having strong skills in that area. For a corporate event that revolves around a product launch or an auction, you should definitely hire a band. But if it is a private corporate party with a small number of participants, go for a DJ.  

Venue of Event

If you hire a band for a small party of the ceremony, it may steal the soul of the event venue is another aspect which helps you decide, whether to find a DJ or band for your event. If you are hosting event in an auditorium, or a large outdoor facility, you can hire a band. But if you are having a party in a club or in your backyard, hire a DJ. DJ’s occupy lesser space to perform. 

Time Interval of Event

The time interval is an important aspect to consider when finding a DJ or band. If your event time is estimated to be more than 4 to 5 hours, you should hire a DJ, because they are capable of entertaining the guests for a long time. If you want a performance within a show, or the duration of the event is less than 4 hours, you should hire a band. Live bands may not be open to playing for continuous four to five hours without losing their energy. 

Book According to Your Finances!

The budget plays an important role when making the choice of a DJ or band. A reputable band in the US on average costs $4000 to $5000, while a DJ costs around $800-$1500. If you have budget constraints hire a DJ, if not go for a band. You can use an online platform like Udinate  to look though wide options of Bands or DJs you can hire online. 

Peace of Mind

The kind of experience you want to have on your special day matters the most. If you want a loud yet entertaining wedding, choose a live band. But if you want to relax, have a chit chat, enjoy your special day with your loved ones, hire a DJ. Especially for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, DJ’s are the best choice in the US because it helps you enjoy your occasion and feel every moment of it with right kind of music your DJ is playing for you. A good DJ usually serves as host of the party, makes announcements for toasting champagne, and reminds you of your special dance performance and throwing the bouquet. Though every DJ may not serve as host, if you find a good one, you are lucky.  

Hire a DJ a Band – Evaluating Options

Event planning is all about weighing different options. Have a look at the following list we made for you to facilitate your event planning decision of whether to find a band or a DJ for your event. 

Entertaining event audience

Hire a Band?

If you are wondering why you should find a band for your event, the following list will help you either to Find a band or eradicate the option of having a band at all. 

  • A live band leader ensures interaction with guests. Thus keeping the guests motivated. Usually, bands are suggested for high-energy dancing events. 
  • Bands have a high-quality sound they are suitable for large-scale corporate events and high-crowd events.  
  • Bands are usually expensive to hire. 
  • They normally they play a specific genre of music. 
  • Bands are capable of modifying lyrics as per the audience of the event. 
  • Bands require a big space to perform and they have a high-volume as well, so make sure your venue is feasible for the band performance. 

Hire a DJ?

The following are the points to consider in event planning whether to find a DJ and hire one for your event. 

  • DJ’s are usually cost-friendly. 
  • They have access to a variety of music genres and thousands of songs so you can customize your playlist. Find a DJ, friendly enough to incorporate your choices in his/her playlist. 
  • DJ requires less space to perform. 
  • Even if your DJ take quick breaks, music won’t stop because they can manage small breaks with a pre-defined playlist. 
  • DJ’s are usually adaptable to assess the mood of the guests and thus play their lists accordingly. 
  • DJ’s are absolutely capable of handling and playing song requests from guests. 

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