Finding the dream wedding venue for your wedding is the most critical decision while planning your big day. While every decision whether big or small you take, shapes your event, some of them have a greater impact than others, and choosing the right wedding venue is one of them. Venue impacts almost everything else on your big event including photography, meal, aisle, guests, and even what you wear. If you want to walk down the aisle with your to-be spouse without having any doubts or worries about your big event, keep these tips in your mind before choosing your wedding venue. 

Pick a Wedding Date

The initial step is to pick the right date for your event. Select a month or season you want to get married before searching for a suitable wedding venue. Usually, summers (May through September) are the most common wedding months in the US, because it gives the option to go for either indoor or outdoor events and venues are more expensive to rent during these months. Dream wedding venues that could be your choice get booked up months in advance, so it is better to plan your event a bit earlier and book your dream venue 9 to 12 months before the wedding. Try to pick a date that doesn’t conflict with holidays or other family events. 

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Number of Guests to Expect

Before booking a wedding venue, sit down with your family and make a list of guests, probable guests, plus one’s for your event so you don’t miss anyone. Making a list will automatically rule out many venues because they don’t have enough space for the guests. The wedding venue should have a wide space capacity for the number of guests you are inviting. A wedding is a social event, and there must be enough space for the guest’s movement. 

Do you want a Theme Wedding?

Usually, in the past, couples wanted a Banquet Hall adjacent to Chapel for their ceremony but now couples go for unconventional venues to have a theme wedding. From fairy style castles, rustic barns, beaches, and historic hotels, there is a range of variety you could choose based on your theme (if you want one).  Theme weddings are usually expensive than in conventional weddings. 

Choosing Catering Service

Catering is one of the most important aspects of event planning. Some couples prefer those wedding venues which provide catering service but some hire a third-party service. If you hire a third-party, you must know whether the venue will allow using their kitchens to prepare or warm food, the same goes for the wedding cake. You should discuss these aspects before booking your wedding venue.  

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But don’t opt for anything bigger than what you need, otherwise, your guests will feel awkward. You also need to decide whether the same number of guests will be invited to the wedding and reception and whether you need the same venue for both events. During recent years, most couples in the US go for the same venue for both the wedding and reception making it quite cost-friendly. 

Logistics to Consider

If you are not having a planner for your wedding, you must search for some discreet details which may seem unimportant but add up to the planning of your event. 

  • Talk to the staff at the wedding venue in detail to evaluate their customer service. 
  • Ask the venue provider about their rain plan (especially for outdoor functions). 
  • You must know the clauses for the event cancellation policy. 
  • What is the alcohol policy of the wedding venue? 
  • Ask for the policy for leftover food /cake. 
  • Parking space should be big enough to ease your guests. 
  • Never choose a venue that doesn’t suit your guests; accessibility, transport links and on-site accommodation must be considered before choosing a venue 

Use Online Marketplaces to Decide Wedding Venue

Recently, online market places have gained the trust of people by providing all event especially wedding related services on a single platform. Besides searching and deciding the venue, they also provide you options for different services or products to make a list of things you need for your wedding event and book them online. These marketplaces are a (free) substitute for wedding planners. To book every service you could think of from the wedding venue to wedding cakes, visit 

The key to a dream wedding is a successful event planning. We suggest you complete your homework before the execution of your plan!  

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