Useful Corporate Event Planning Tips

Corporate event planning is a vital step in the successful execution of a corporate event. A corporate event is normally a sponsored event by an organization targeting its stakeholders mostly employees or clients. It helps intensify personal relationships among people which is not possible in the controlled environment of an office. Corporate event planning can be challenging and requires extensive planning and expertise. If you are a part of any corporate event planning, and you want the event to be memorable, this article is for you. Here we list some tips to make your corporate event planning easy and make your attendees want another event like this. The whole planning process should be divided into steps for effective management. 

Define the Purpose/Goal of Event

The primary step in corporate event planning is to identify the purpose of the event. One should know what deliverables attendees are expecting to effectively plan the event. Because when you know the objective of your event, you can set goals, track your progress (both qualitatively and quantitatively) and decide the list of participants. Moreover, the goals set for corporate event planning should be SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. 

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Create a Budget Track-sheet

The next step is to create a Budget Track-sheet to allocate budget to all the necessary arrangements you need to make.  For example, venue, food, multimedia, sitting arrangement, etc. Positive ROI is an important part of corporate event planning; so one must stick to the budget. Decide a maximum limit of funds needed for each service/product category. Visit  to get an insight into all the services and products you may need for your corporate event and their pricing to keep yourself within your budget limits. 

Decide a Theme and Venue for the Event

If you’ve ever had a boring forgettable corporate event it means the planning for that event was not imaginative. A venue defines the mood of the event. A recent trend in the US has shown that corporate events are not just restricted to Conference Halls of hotels. For instance, you can book a large-roof terrace with an amazing view, a grand ballroom, a Great Gatsby themed hall, an atmospheric basement area, or even organizations book nightclubs and bars in a day-time to set the mood of the event. However, the venue must be according to the objective of the event. Because searching for a good venue is the key to successful corporate event planning. 

 If you have a theme, searching for the venue would be easier. You can go for Cinema Screening, Gameday, Treasure hunt, Carnival, Golf, BBQ, there is a range of themes you could choose. Just keep in mind the purpose and attendees of the event, and be creative. For successful corporate event planning,Udinate venues provides you a wide range of  venues and props as per your theme and event. 

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Choose Right Caterer

Another important aspect is food. In fact, make sure to add coffee and lunch breaks in your event timeline. Good food will make your event complete and participants happy. Hiring a caterer saves you any possibility of error for assembling and serving food or beverages. 

Additional Points for Corporate Event Planning

In addition to the above points, here are some tips to help you in successful corporate event planning to avoid any misconduct. 

  • Carefully devise a list of attendees. Make sure the attendee’s interest aligns with the corporate event’s objective. 
  • Devise game plans or activities as per the agenda. Team up the participants and through different fun competitions, in the form of games, quiz or mini-project, keep them engaged. 
  • Build a team for event day, each looking into a specific task assigned. For example, a person to give warm welcome to participants, look into food matters, checks the multimedia settings, arranging the props for activities. 
  • Craft a timeline for everything, from booking to payments, from activities to slide show, everything must follow a pre-decided timeline for a successful event 
  • Making a contingency plan is an important step in corporate event planning. You should have a backup if anything goes wrong or doesn’t follow the timeline. A speaker may reach late; a participant may be slow enough to catch the pace of training, what if the rain comes in an outdoor function, lunch timings, and multimedia malfunction. Think of every possible unavoidable delay or deviation from the plan and have a backup for it. 
  • Finally, another important aspect of successful corporate event planning is to use specialist vendorsYou can find every vendor you need on Udinate to avoid any mismanagement. 

Let’s not forget that careful and detailed planning leads to the successful corporate event. If anything goes wrong, it has a direct or indirect effect on your reputation in your organization. Build strong communication skills, and don’t shy to ask an experienced or senior person in your organization if you are a newbie, it is better to ask than to do things in a wrong way. 

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